There is often a critical attitude towards the Marketing Research: “It is useless, only tells us what we already knew, and leads us to commit mistakes by pointing out to the wrong directions...”


This is why we have chosen an Iceberg as the image of Boost Research.


Just like a Penguin who does not know what he will find at the bottom while being on top of the Iceberg, we think it is our obligation to go further and seek to reveal all the information about the consumer that often gets hidden in the Market Research although it is essential for Marketing in order to choose the most effective strategic directions for their brands.


In order todo so we rely on many years of experience we have in Market Studies, with an attitude of constant search for innovation in terms of methodologies and techniques chosen for each study according to its specificity as well as determination to perform an interpretative analysis of the results of the studies and thus ensuring to point out the strategic directions.