The Boost Health is our unit of Pharmaceutical Studies. It integrates professionals with several years of experience in the Healthcare area (Pharma Market Research).


These professionals have developed an extensive knowledge of the specificities required in the sector of Pharmaceutical Market studies such as technical language, the domain of therapeutic areas as well as a deep understanding of different medical sensitivities which oblige to a special approach.


Boost Health is mainly specialized in Qualitative Methodologies such as Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews being also capable to develop in this area more innovative methods such as Dual, Triad, Online Interviews and as well as Workshops with doctors or medical sales representatives.


Has the capacity to accomplish the recruitment among professionals from various areas of Health, such as Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists or KOLs. Also has the possibility to recruit from a wide diversity of patients.


In those cases where it is clearly justified, Boost Health has a practice to hire a medical consultant that helps to clarify the topic under study thus ensuring the highest quality in the collection and processing of information in order to respond with maximum accuracy and quality to our clients’ needs.